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Editorial Services & Rates

Please contact me for a detailed quote. Manuscript rates and turnaround time are calculated based on word count, number of pages, and type of service. I strongly encourage you to visit The EFA for more information on industry standards. 

I insist upon providing a sample edit and having a conversation before starting any work together. It's important to me that you feel comfortable with my style and confident in my capabilities. Please note that I only work on one project at a time. While this method may delay our start together, it also ensures that your manuscript has my full attention. 


.029 / word

A copyedit focuses on grammar, mechanics, punctuation, syntax, diction, factual inconsistencies, and minor suggestions of revision when needed. A copyedit concentrates primarily on language and typically occurs after a substantive edit.


.022 / word

Proofreading is the last step before publication and aims to correct any errors that were not caught during copyediting or were introduced during typesetting.


.039 / word

A substantive edit offers an analysis of characters, plot, sentence structure, narrative, and pacing. Substantive editing provides suggestions for improvement, revision of wordy or convoluted sentences, and rephrasing for clarity and coherency. An editorial letter is included.


.015 / word

An editorial letter is an unbiased review of your manuscript. It includes a discussion about the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses, and offers broad suggestions for improvement.

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