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Is this our meet-cute? Feels like it. 

Hi! I'm Kyra (pronounced kai-rah).

I'm passionate about books. I spend most of my free time immersing myself in a good book and drinking too much coffee. If they could, my doggos would lodge a formal complaint about the way my reading habits impact their walkies.

I've been a freelance editor for about a decade and mostly located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor's in English and my Master's in Writing and Book Publishing was completed at Portland State University. I have worked with a variety of authors, small businesses, and publishers on adult fiction, nonfiction, art, and YA titles. Some of my favorite people are authors, agents, and editors in the publishing industry. Because I am passionate and invested in the romance book community, I've decided to focus exclusively on helping romance authors share their stories with the world.

As an editor, I value honesty, trust, transparency, and accountability. I know how hard you've worked on your book and I promise I'll work just as hard as your editor to meet your needs. What makes me a strong editor for romance books? I know the genre. I know the tropes. I understand character profiles and I can spot a plot hole like a free sample at Costco. I know the audience. Hell, I am the audience. 


I'm here to support you–whatever that may look like. I believe in authenticity. Just as my copy is written in my authentic voice, I want your novel to remain in yours. You need someone to tell you if your heroine or hero is TSTL? I'm here for you. Want to know if your dark romance is too dark or not dark enough? I've got you. Think 700 pages might be too long for a slow-burn romance? Let's find out. Need a fresh set of eyes to remove typos and polish your manuscript? I've got you.

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